Build A World

For our Creative Elements module we’ve been given our first project “Build a world”, being such a vague concept where it allows almost endless possibilities and right of the bat pushes us to think beyond the cliche and the over done to create something new. Something we learn quickly as a class is easier said than done.

In our groups the first task we had was to come up with as many different world ideas as we could in about a time frame of 15 minutes. The time limit here is useful so we don’t waste time coming up with a million ideas that would be ultimately couldn’t work on all of them. It’s not about having the most unique idea but and idea that we saw potential in and could expand on.

Our 10 ideas from the list we made were

  • Fish tanks
  • Waterfalls
  • Sky
  • Flat
  • Pyramids
  • Nest
  • Skeleton/death
  • Colour
  • Glass



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