Tonal Week

A new week a new start.  I’ve moved groups again to a Balancing world based around three different types of characters we’re calling “Bigs”, “Smalls” and “Midis”.

The world acts as a balancing scale with the Bigs one side and the Smalls on the other side, the Midis have been outcasted by both societies and exist in the middle.

The Bigs and Smalls are at war that is being manipulated by an outside alien force. The Midis know this is happening and in trying to solve the conflict get blamed for it.

The previous team developed a good narrative for this world and gave us a lot of information about how each side lives, though we don’t have an exact character design or a good idea of what the world itself looks like, so we may have to discuss that more.

Molly provided us with these great designs and concepts that we’re going to be working off


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