Tonal range

For this week we’re working on using tonality to represent our world. We’re being limited so we can only use five tones.


We need to keep in mind the Camera position and to work within a frame. We’ll be experimenting with different compositions and perspectives, we need to try and represent the height difference between the Bigs and the Smalls.

For the Bigs we were thinking that they’re theses large rock creatures, not very defined, they live in an industrial society and use other rock creatures to mine into the ground to collect ores that they then smith into tools. We’re looking into miners and smiths and the tools they use so we could possible incorporate that into their designs. Their part of the world is very smokey and dense and has a lot of mountains.

For the Smalls the last team’s design had them made out of porcelain so we were thinking  of basing them around porcelain pottery and Geisha’s. Their society is based more so on being creative rather than industrial so we include scenes like musical concerts, the landscape on their side of the world is more nature based and calm.



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