Balance World Characters

Working for the shape and size of the characters from the last group our group started by working out some designs for what our characters/creatures may look like.

We have these big bulky rock golems as our bigs, because they are an accumulation of rocks it’s sort of hard to make a definite design for them, I think it’s more important to just keep a general size and bulk. We also designed some possibly creature designs that the Bigs have created to do the manual labour of the mining for them.

I looked at an artist Leonid Enin and these illustrations of Rock Creatures, I like how he’s designed it so the creature so that through scale and posture (leaning on arms as support) he’s moved them further away from looking too humanoid, and it’s a good insert of the human character for the sense of scale.

Credit: Lenoid Enin

These are a few drawings I did for the Smalls designs, since they’re made of porcelain I tried to keep their general shape similar to vases and pottery. For their heads I looked at the sakko hairstyle used by geisha Makiko’s, they also have patterns inscribed on their bodies and heads maybe not as intricate as some porcelain designs but I would think you’d lose the bulk of that detail when you set them in a landscape.




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