Tonal Week

I started doing some tonal thumbnails to get ideas for layout and landscapes. As a team we had chosen an aesthetic similar to mountain temples, buildings merging into rock trying to show the Smalls are connected to nature.





Bringing in some Tonality, though to me the Smalls environment is bright and airy. They live in these buildings that are like hives, the have no doors only holes.20161108_215010



I got some promarkers since a lot of people in class are using them and they seem really useful for doing tonal work. I may need to go over parts because it can get blurry, but that actually helps with the Bigs environment where it’s got a lot of smog


This is a study for how our world may look as a whole, we’re not too sure how to bring in the “balance” aspect to be part of the physical world or if it’s more so the balance in their societies. The middle part here is where the Midis would live.20161108_224537

I tried to bring in more Digital art into my work. Tried to bring in a contrast with textures.




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