Bouncing Balls

Last week we had to animate a bouncing ball, now we’re making it a little more complicated and we have to bounce three different kinds of balls, a bowling ball, tennis ball and super ball (bouncy ball). So it’s all about getting the right feel of the bounce that demonstrates the weight and bounciness of the ball. Conan provided us with an already rigged up ball that we could use as a base, it has three locators put in as parents of each other and control the movement (x/y translation) of the ball, the squash and stretch and the rotate of the ball respectively.

It took me quite a bit of time to get used to it and a lot of messing with values to understand what was having an effect on the ball and even then it was sometime difficult to tell what had changed.

I looked at these slo-mo videos by Florian Knorn on youtube to try and gain a better understanding of how much the balls actually squish when they hit the ground.


I also looked at photographed paths of some of the balls when they moved so I could try and replicate something similar.

fig1 -



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