Diver suit

Still trying to get used to working with MAYA, I started modelling this character inspired from old sea diving suit and the “Big Daddy” character from Bioshock.

Before scuba suits were invented, many deep sea explorers had to resort to wearing diving suits.  The problems of wearing diving suits were that it provided mobility and it also was a hazard in that it required expertise to sustain oxygen levels in the suit.:
(Fig 1)


Image result for bioshock big daddy
(Fig 2)








I’m going to try and add in some tubes and other small details, this what I have at the moment. I tried getting render views of Arnold though they turned out pretty dark so I’d need to go back and mess about with lighting, although I kinda like it, it gives a very dark underwater feeling.



fig 1-https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/336714509610488015/

fig 2-http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Daddy


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