Room Model

We had to model a piece of furniture from our house and Conánn gave us the challenge doing it in one day. Which seemed quite daunting for still being quite new to MAYA, but actually turned out alright. For my model I actually modelled something we have in our flat which we call the Mega-couch, we’ve pushed both our couches together and have a quilt on it so it’s like a cosy lounging area.

the rectangle on the side is supposed to represent a person to give you a sense of scale. It was after I had made this that I found out about n-cloths from a second year so I could of made some more realistic pillows. Though I feel that it represents the Mega-couch pretty well.

Then because we had modelled this in a day we had the next of the week for which we could just experiment with modelling more furniture. So I decided to dismantle my Mega-couch and continued on modelling the rest of my flat, using references pictures from the letting agents website.



It was really interesting trying to model all the different furniture, each was difficult to do in it’s own was though I felt I was getting a clearer idea of how I should be approaching making the objects. It was also hard trying to get the scaling right and fitting each room together like a piece, i had to re-adjust the the walls and floors multiple times, the door the bathroom was awkward as it is at an angle.

I’m quite proud of how the bathroom turned out, since the furniture toilet/sink/shower can be quite odd objects in shape. My sink model isn’t the same as the real one since it has a more decorative design. Also happy how my staircase banister turned out it was complicated getting the turn and for it to all line up with the actually stairs.

references photographs from –


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