A Reflection on Life Drawing

We started out drawing boxes together looking at the use of perspective, which I admit I am quite rusty on. In fact I feel my first attempts where not incredibly well drawn so with this in mind I went and looked at video tutorials. One I consulted was “How To Draw: Perspective by Draw with Jazza”. I also looked at references from “D’Amelio – Perspective Drawing Handbook”. My research was to try and gain a better understanding of how I can bring different perspective types into a drawing to make it more dynamic.

Moving into life drawing each week we started off doing quick one minute sketches to try and achieve loose movement and it forced us to concentrate on the form and gesture lines rather than details. Mike told us to draw in chest and hip ovals and to not use straight lines instead use ‘c’ and ‘s’ curves.

I can see that I really need to work on my proportions and using perspective better in my drawings. We also were given the homework of drawing Pooh bear, where I started to understand how his shape was put together but I need to work on the consistency in proportions.

For the next week we were looking at drawing the head, where we had to draw Superman’s head, I tried drawing some light guides to try and keep my proportions consistent, the point of this homework was to see that his head could be roughly broken down into a cylinder shape. I think given more time for the drawing I was better with the proportions but I still needed to think of perspective.

I did these drawings of my firend sitting in a chair, in class Michael pointed out that I didn’t really address the underlining structure of the person or the chair and that why my proportions have become skewed. I then tried to go back and see the breakdown into cubes which helped.

I felt my drawings kept looking very solid and stiff, I tried applying the use of line you can see in the examples of the book, Michael D. Mattesi – Force. The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing. I tried bringing in more exaggeration in line and flow, though it’s hard to balance that with keeping proportions right.

We then moved on to drawing the models as cartoon characters, using Dirk from “Dragon’s Lair” and Madam Mim from “The sword in the stone”. Dirk had really long legs compared to the rest of his body and it was hard to draw him in motion, I tried simplifying it down to just lines to get the right gesture. Drawing on top of the model it was crucial to try and get the proportions to work first with the pose. I found it to be quite a fun exercise that really challenges your imagination, looking at both the model and reference sheet helped to keep in mind the underlining structures. Mim was more difficult in that we didn’t have as good of a reference for her body as most of it was hidden under her dress. I felt I was getting better at putting in movement of the character.

Lastly we worked on drawing hats on the models heads. This was going back to drawing boxes to get the perspective right and how the hat would interact with the head. It seemed quite difficult to get the movement of the hat in, so I kept trying to simplify it down, adding in line of movement helped with the sunhat.

Looking back from work since my first week and now I think I’m more confident with line, working with smoother curves rather than jagged lines. I think I’ve gained a better understand of shape, with the bulk of the body and proportions looking more distinguishable as the model. Also within the same time frame I can bring forward more features of the body, looking at the feet here instead of triangles they actually look like feet.


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