Creative Elements Relfection

This semester has come with lots of new experiences, starting with getting into uni and meeting loads of new people and working in refreshing creative environment. There seemed to be no time wasted in getting down to work on our first project “Build a World” which I was really excited about, I loved coming up with loads of different ideas with my group and working off each other to push the ideas further.

Working in groups has been a major change in how I’ve done art before and it’s not without its challenges. There’s more pressure on how you work with other people relying on you and it you really need to learn and listen to your group, it’s not always easy to mesh well as a team and looking back over the last semester I can see where I need to  improve myself in perhaps speaking up more and not being so shy about showing other my work. It can be hard switching groups and having enthusiasm for a new idea when you’re still thinking about the last one, but the group dynamic can be difficult but I feel it’s worthwhile to understanding how to be a good contributing member and I know I still have some way to go but I’m working on it.

This semester I feel has been about pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, every weeks new theme demanded that you challenge yourself to push your work further to learn about new things you maybe hadn’t considered before. I found out that I’d never really considered the proper use of tonality and colour, taking them more for granted rather than sitting down and planning how I would use them, I think I’m open to trying new techniques other artists have tried or even classmates. It takes a lot of perseverance and has its frustrations but even since the start of the semester to now I can see improvements I’ve made, which is encouraging.

Also in the middle of the semester we had a photography project, in which we had to took 600 photographs which seemed daunting I wouldn’t I’m a great photographer but I enjoyed the experience of it. You have the obvious things you take photographs of and then have to start thinking outside the box for the rest of them, which involves a lot of walking and seeing new places and in the end I came up with 6 photographs that I really liked.

The most enjoyable part of this semester for me has been creating the animatic, one week didn’t seem like enough time but my group were ready to give it our all, I liked creating short storyboards for possible ideas and the group seemed to like them as well. It was great seeing it come together and I was excited for other people to see it.

For the last few weeks we’ve started learning MAYA which I find I struggle with at times, learning how things work in it can be confusing and not always as simple as watching a tutorial. Though I know it’s going to involve doing a lot of practise and I do enjoy it working with it.

From this semester I hope to improve my presentation skills and communicating within groups and to continue learning and practising, improving my digital art skills so I can do more work faster.


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