Corey Hill-Environment Artist

I found this artist on Artstation,

This Environment “Liquid Sunshine” initially drew me to his artist. The lighting is the main character of the piece, it immediately creates an atmosphere of a wore down/abandoned bar. I do as well love the amount of detail he puts into his environments, there’s so many little objects that makes it feel like there’s been human interaction with it.

Botanists Sanctuary, “Many years ago there was a botanist who’s passion for plants led him to his own isolated sanctuary. Here with the sun surrounding him at all sides he tends to his plants and the plants provide him sustainability.”

They also bring in story-telling into their environments, which I like that they more than creating an interesting environment but have also thought about it’s purpose and how it could be further used.

“Hope Falls Harbour”

Again I love their use of lighting, how it draws you into the piece and informs back into the fantastical sense of the environment. The composition and structure works well with the lighting and colours to create contrast and a warmth within.


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