Initial shapes


These are some of my initial concepts, since the city is floating in space I was thinking of something like a planet and then expanding it like a puzzle. We could possibly use the shape B for Belfast as our overall shape of the city.


(Diesel, 2017)

I was just trying out a lot of different elements and ideas, trying to think how the City might float, not that it has to work in a practical sense but it’d put more in for the animation.

I was taking inspiration from buildings from Belfast like Victoria Square Dome, the Albert Bridge and the Big Fish maybe we could have it in the shape of a fish swimming through the air.

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(, 2017) (, 2017)

I like the idea of using a propeller/turbine to make the city float, I was looking at different designs and found this one, I think it has a futuristic look that could fit into the city.


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