Maya Concepts

Working off some silhouettes to experiment with ideas for shape and structure. I could either go for a self contained city floating or a lot of different artists have it like it has broke away from the ground so it’s like a floating island. I feel more drawn towards a steampunk sci-fi theme so I’ve been using a lot of cogs and gears to try and give it a slight rustic authentic look.

I can’t get a lot of information into 2d drawings so I tried to block out some concepts in maya. Going based off a tower based structure/building upwards going from cogs to buildings, there isn’t much organised structure to it at the moment, I wanted it to seem a bit clustered and busy. I have multiple islands because I wasn’t sure if just one looked too bare/small, they’d be connected using wires or bridges.

One I designed in the shape of a Seahorse, since the seahorse has a connection towards Belfast origin as a maritime town and is included on the coat of arms of Belfast and sailors would use as a sign of protection. It’d be maybe too complicated to both make the shape of the seahorse and add in the other elements we want for our city.

Belfast coat of arms

(, 2017)

This slideshow requires JavaScript. (2017). Belfast Coat of Arms – Belfast City Council. [online] Available at: .





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