Linen Industry

Looking more into the industrial era and the linen industry, with Government Support by 1850 over half of the linen produced in Ireland was coming from Belfast. In 1852 there were 28 linen mills in Belfast and the surrounding neighbourhoods were built by the mill owners to house the workers, so not only is there significance in the economic growth but also in the architecture. It has some iconic landscapes with these rows and tows of houses and then the mill chimney in the background, which we still have.

Trying to think of ways to incorporate all this I tried messing about with what some of the machinery looks like and connecting it like pulleys and gears, they’d make an interesting animated feature of our city to base off of.

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(McCreary, 2017)(, 2017)

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McCreary, M. (2017). Legacy of the Belfast linen mills. [online] belfastlive. Available at: .



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