Floating City Final Concept

We’ve been discussing everyone’s ideas and have come up with this rough design for our final Floating City.

Since we’ve been looking at different time periods of Belfast development we’ve decided to incorporate significant ones, such as the 1900,1970’s present Belfast. Our City is then like a tower that starts in the past and builds up to modern Belfast.  We’ve stuck to the idea of having a propeller similar to what the Titanic had, which is a nice tie in without being completely obvious.

We have a lot of ideas for what we want to have in the city, we’re working on having cranes and a floating Oil rig, some iconic buildings weaved in, arches, telephones boxes, for our Troubles section maybe even a burnt out car.

We had the idea of a train weaving it’s way around the layers of the city, even having it start as an old fashioned tram and it evolves as it becomes more modern, we could have the camera tracking it’s progress as a way to display the city. We also liked the idea of having water run through the city like a waterfall that flows off the end, given that Belfast means the mouth of the river and it has a river running through it.

We’re going to have the layers rotating like the cogs are to give it a sense of movement, and if we have the time we’ll animate smaller pieces within the layers.

For lighting we were thinking we could have it different for each layer, 1900s having warm lamp lighting, 1970s having cold street lights that would generally be darker (thinking of trying to make them flicker) and then the modern part would be very bright with colourful neon lights, possibly even having them change like the lights projected onto city hall.

It’s a lot of ideas and hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate as many as we can taking in the time we have left, we’re trying to leave at least a week for rendering. We’re using a low poly style, we’ve been looking at other artists and models and we liked how the low poly worked and with all the ideas we have low poly will let us model things quickly and then when we put it together it won’t be completed crowded.

Splitting up the work we’re each going to be making a layer, I’ll be working on the 1900’s layer. We’ve already started making some assets that we’ll be able to use but now we have a clearer idea of specific things we’ll need.


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