Final Statistics

These are the final statistics that we’ve chosen to represent with our Floating City. We have three main types of statistics which again were going to connect back to our different levels, Population, Environment and Economy working bottom to top.

Population of Belfast: 338,907
Male: 48.3%
Female: 51.7%

Population Change (2015): 4.1%

Life Expectancy
Male: 75
Female: 81
(Lowest expectancy for Men in the UK)

Average no. of Resident per Household: 2.32
More than 20 resident per Hectare

Belfast CO2 Emissions (2012) : 6.1
Low: 4.2 – 5.6
Medium: 5.7 – 6.3
High: 6.4 – 25.6

Household waste Recycled and Composted per household : 39.91%

Nitrogen Dioxide (μgm3): 92 (low2)

Sulphur Dioxide (μgm3): 3 (low1)

GDP of Belfast City: €13.7 billion
GDP per person in Belfast (2007): €48,300

People in Work (2015): 68%
Full Employment Rates: 44%

Gross weekly income (2015) : £508.60

Belfast Tourism Overnight Trips: 1,361,193
Expenditure on Overnight Trips: £278.03 million

Average House price (2015) : £123,500

No. of Crimes reported (2014): 35,455
Robbery: 528
Vehicle Offenses: 1,904
Public order Offenses: 468

Resources used to obtain Statistics

Compare belfast to other cities in uk

Municipal waste statistics 2016

Waste Targets

Recorded crime 2016

January 2017 Recorded crimes
Air Pollution 2015

Agricultural Census 2016

Quality of life statistics

Tourism Facts and Figures

Census as 100 people

Census Infographic

Census infographic NI

Belfast Harbour Environmental report
Homelessness in NI

Census 2011: Key Statistics for Northern Ireland

Maritime Port Plan



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