15-25 Second Animation

We’ve been given an assignment to create a 15-25 second Animation, with the added time of 5 secs on each side fr the title screen and the ending credits.

The only sort of theme we’ve been given for the Animation is that is has to make you feel an emotion, which could be an number of things like happiness, sadness or love but I feel this was more of hint towards making something comedic and light-hearted that and realistically to tell a story within that time frame a joke fits quite well.

I’m sticking with the same team I had during Floating City project so that’s Michael, Leanna and Jack, we worked well together so we decided to just keep that going. The first thing we done was have a quick brainstorming session on what we could do, ideas such as rocks life flashing before it’s eye’s as it’s been picked up and thrown, except it’s life would have been pretty boring as a rock. Other ideas were like a bird or bee that couldn’t fly yet would try ridiculous means to try and reach an apple or some fruit in a tree, which would have a very wile e Coyote feeling to it.

Image result for wile e coyote

(Hollywoodhatesme.wordpress.com, 2017)

We also thought about the idea of an Astronaut being in outer space and possibly he lands on a planet and goes to plant his flag, but the planet turn out to be alive and the Astronaut then has to run away from it as quickly as possibly. We all liked this kinda idea, I think we were struggling with the other ideas and how they could work as a story but everyone seems pretty excited about this idea and the possibilities, so we’re going to think of some more ideas going from the Astronaut idea and meet up soon to look over them.

picture reference-Hollywoodhatesme.wordpress.com. (2017). Wile E. Coyote | Hollywood Hates Me. [online] Available at: https://hollywoodhatesme.wordpress.com/tag/wile-e-coyote.


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