Animation Ideas

We had our initial idea of having an Astronaut plant a flag on a planet that turned out to be an angry space creature that looks like a planet, but we didn’t want to just stop there and tried to see if we could come up with some ideas we liked better.

A couple of our ideas were;

  • The Astronaut drawing something funny on the planets surface.
  • The Astronaut playing Golf and the hitting the ball so it dings off a load of planets until it comes back and hits him in the face, think of a pinball machine.
  • The Astronaut trying to fix his robot companion that then goes rogue and they have to try and catch it/stop it.
  • Two Astronauts jumping in space like a trampoline and one jumps too hard and sends the other flying through space.
  • The Astronaut jumping about in low gravity snags his suit on a rock and goes flying off like a balloon.
  • The Astronaut stuck floating around trying to reach his ship.
  • Two Astronauts landing on the same planet, one could be an alien while the other is human.
  • Astronaut goes to collect a crystal and tries really hard to pull it out and when he does the planet falls completely apart.


















We’ve decided to go with the idea of having an astronaut landing on a planet and going to planet his flag with that epic feeling of the first moon landing except when he plants it he notices that there’s another astronaut lounging in a chair already with his flag planted, so he then dejectedly leaves again.


For our first presentation we have some concept art that we’ve came up with and larger drawn out Storyboard.




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