Bump Mapping and Scuplting

So I was looking into how to create the planet for our animation, I started out with a sphere and used mesh difference to create the crater’s. What I then had to think about was how to give it the texture and look of a real planet, so I looked up how to create planet textures and I came across a video explaining how to create rock textures with Bump Maps.

It was a good idea and I might actually use this for when creating smaller rocks but for and object as big as a planet that we’ll be close up for our scenes this method really doesn’t hold up. The texture looks blurry and flat.

I also need to rethink how I’m going to create the surface of the planet because those craters aren’t fooling anyone. Talking to Alec he recommended that I bring it into the sculpting tool and use that instead, it may take a while to do an entire planet in it, but it’ll be worth it.

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here’s an attempt with the sculpting, I decided to create a plane as a stage for our scene and I’m thinking that we should create the planet as a separate object. This worked a whole lot better, the surface looks a lot more natural, there’s still work that needs done to it, it’s a bit too smooth but I’m going to look into substance painter, Michael was telling me they have a dirt texture it has that would be useful. Also planning to maybe create rocks to put on the surface. I need to work on the background, I tried using a volume field to create an atmosphere after watching a tutorial on it but that didn’t really work, so I need other ways of creating a fog. Leanna has some awesome backgrounds with stars that bring in colour and would give the scene more depth than my quick put together.


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