Storyboard Presentation

get picture of concept art/ initial sotryboard

Feedback on our Storyboard was that they liked the story and idea but pointed out that it’s lacking an ending, yes we have an ending but it’s not very definitive, it’s hard to explain in words I suppose but we need something with more of a snap ending, and they gave us some possibilities we might play around with. Other points raised were if we’re going to have the astronauts being the same design and colour and how we need to consider that as well as body language since our characters don’t have faces the body needs to show our character in the way it moves.

We need to think about our environment as well, I suppose we kind of just went for our own standard idea of space, but this is actually something we could play around with. Is it futuristic if there’s two Astronauts and space travel is easily done, is it on the moon or a different or unknown planet. Another thing we haven’t had time to think about so far is the implicit and explicit meaning of our story, which seems quite difficult to do in the time frame but it makes sense it wouldn’t be very meaningful without an implicit meaning behind it, but given we need to change our ending we still have time to come up with one.

After meeting up again and talking about our ending with the group we think we’ve got an ending to our story. In this version, yes there is already another Astronaut there with they’re flag but when Astronaut 1 see’s this they push a button and their flag unfolds into this giant illuminated billboard that completely shadows the second Astronauts flag. Our implicit meaning behind this is,

“Just because someone has already done it doesn’t mean you can’t improve on it.” 

Which I like because I feel it relates a lot to being an artist or storyteller where there isn’t really original ideas anymore, but you take inspiration and try to improve on what’s been done before and bring your own twist to it that makes it unique.

We’ve drawn out another rough storyboard which we need to turn into an  for next week and we’re also trying to work on our concept art.





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