Character Design Astronaut

For designing our Astronaut characters we looked at actual spacesuits and the different variations.

suit refsuitref2

  1. (,) 2. (ShortList Magazine,)

Started off with drawing from the references just then with using them as a basis moved on to experimenting with my own designs. There was a bit off a struggle between functionality and appeal, obviously we’re not going to include all the apparatus of a real suit but it’s how much do we include the have that element of believably whilst also adding personality to our characters.

I did various versions of the helmet, any extra shielding we have on it could possibly be used as a way to convey emotion, like a giant eyelid. I also kinda liked the idea of adding tiny lights to the side of his helmet, it’d be a nice way to illuminate the character so you’re always drawn to them.

I explored possibly colours for our characters and how those colours could be incorporated into their suits, I think the red strip is quite effective and has a more appeal to it, but it may be too much white to be really distinctive for the character.


I kept adding in this tubing when in practicality it’d be hard to make and animate in Maya. I’m trying to add patches and seams so they’re suit isn’t as blank.

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These our some of the concept work the other members of my group have done, it’s been quite interesting exploring different ideas for characters, we just need to collect now and start modelling.

references: (2017). fashioning_apollo3 | [online] Available at:

2.ShortList Magazine. (2017). Brilliant Spacesuit Timeline. [online] Available at: .

Jack Ellison

Leanna Hillen

Michael Lilley


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