Retro Promtional Posters

Whilst researching Space artist references as a group we found different variations of vintage space propaganda posters

(BBC News, 2015)

These are some USSR posters, they made posters so that they could celebrate the technological advances made during the space race whilst not revealing them in case they were stolen by Americans, which is why the images are technologically accurate.

The posters came from an important time where space travel was new and exciting, the imagery of space travel is quite triumphant and idealistic, the artists didn’t have the same tropes we have now to work of so it’s like looking at space from a fresh perspective.

(, 2017)

We also fond that NASA had recently released these promotional posters for the Journey To Mars, again taking on a romantic view of space travel where the everyday person may one day travel to Mars. These posters make good use of composition and silhouettes as well as being a good source of how to use a colour scheme to make the barren landscape look non-earth, of course aided by the space suits and technology.

(OMG Posters!, 2017)

4.(ln, 2017) 5.(Simpson, 2014)

So this led to an exploration of how different artists have then made their own interpretations of  promotional posters, this has given us an idea of the icon imagery associated with space travel, the suit is very important but also the rocket/lander, blasters, things we could have in the environment to sell it as space.

I feel that with more modernistic versions of space and space travel can be very technological and cold, the future is often depicted as clean,white and flawless which makes it harder to create a fun characters that comes from that environment.

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