Logo Design

Our story has evolved to include these two competing drinks companies which means we now need to create a brand/logo for each company which we hadn’t considered before.

A fake that very quickly comes to mind is Nuka Cola from Fallout which is play off CocaCola, I always liked this twist that fits in with the aesthetic of the game. Along with the vintage Space propaganda we also looked into old drinks posters similar to this vein of style, to get ideas for names and if we see what kind of images they use we could possibly use something similar for our billboard.

These are concepts I did based off this style and some more modern posters, I some problems with the first one but I thought the second worked really well, if I’ve time to I would like to try more in this style.


These are logo design that both Jack (both left) and Leanna (right) were working on, we’ve been taking about brand names and I think we’ve decided on Crator Cola and Uranus Juice and we’ve two logo design for them. We still need to figure out what exactly is going on the billboard but I want to try bringing in Neon lights and I made some signs based off of Jacks logo’s by following a Mike Hermes tutorial. Bringing in the type font takes slightly longer but I think it looks really nice as a light and they read well against a dark background






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