Making a Can Substance Painter

I had to model a can for our second astronaut to be holding which I did quite simply in Maya.

We’ve also decided to try and use substance painter for our textures, which will be interesting as I’ve never used it before but I like the examples of what you can make with it.

First of all we had to uv map our objects, which is reaking down the faces of the object so we’ll be able to paint on them in substance painter. It can be a bit complicated for curved objects so I first automatically  mapped it then going into the editor I cut and sewed edges until I had a pretty good display that didn’t have any stretching.

can uv map

Michael shared a really useful tutorial on the basics of substance painter and how to use it. I followed along with it to try and understand how to bake textures and set up the layers, ambient occlusions. Then I started experimenting with painting the aluminium material I added the logo to the car design by using the stencil tool and using a rough artist brush to paint it on.

Bringing the textures back into maya has came up with some problems, where the seams don’t line up that well and looking back I think I would have had to do my uv map out differently, like this though I re-painted it not as shiny which seems to have worked better.

version 1


version 2


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