Waving Flag

I’ve been trying to create a Flag for both astronauts, I’m happy enough with the design but now I need to sort out the actual flag and that we want it to have some movement.

Doing some research I found out that there’s been a total of six flags planted on the moon and they were designed by a man called Jack Kinzler. Since there is no air in space the flags wouldn’t fly which they solved by adding a horizontal pole to the top.

File:Detail of Apollo AS12-47-6897.png

So following Mike Hermes, Maya tutorial : How to create and animate a flag with nCloth in Maya and 3D World, MAYA tutorial how to create a 3D Waving Flag I was able to recreate their waving flags using ncloths, wind and constraints.

It took a while to get the hang of it and I’m not sure why but the wind isn’t constant so  indeed to try and figure that out.

These are more tests with the logos on the flags and placed in the mock environment I have.

I needed to damper down the waving because it was too much and didn’t fit in with being in space, so I actually turned off any wind direction influence on the ncloth and just used wind noise, so the flag would only ruffle really.

Constraining it to the pole turned out to be problematic as it worked fine if the flag was staying in one place but when you go to move the flag the ncloth doesn’t actually follow it. I had to change the type of constraint I was using to a point constraint to the pole and then once you reset your animation with the movement it followed fine. There was actually two point constraints as I was then using two poles to mimic the real Flags planted on the moons.

Unfortunately it seems that through importing these flags into the animation the constraints stopped working and given we had other problems that were more urgent I didn’t get round to fixing it. It doesn’t completely detract from it but it would have been nice to have it after getting it all set up.

For attaching the flag to the astronauts hand we just parented it to the hand control of the astronaut.




En.wikipedia.org. (2017). Detail of Apollo AS12-47-6897.png. [online] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Detail_of_Apollo_AS12-47-6897.png [Accessed 12 May 2017].


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