Doing some Animating

These are the animations that I’ve done for our astronaut, the flag plant was the most fun and interesting one to do, as well as hard. With blocking out the key poses I think tried to key in the camera, I felt I needed the camera movement there to determine how the arm movement should look as I didn’t want it to be too hidden. I tried to keep in mind the principles of animation  like anticipation and follow through it took a while to get the timing right so it feels like that flag is coming done in a swift movement.

I mistake I know realise is that our staging is off, in our animatics they look right, but I need them to be turning left since the rest of the scene is now staged to be happening over there, the scene has flipped is what I mean.

The second shot is very short in our animatic but I still animated the character turning, it’s very fast but I didn’t want it to be a still frame establishing it.

I think I’ll still be tweaking these and the camera movements, and when I have time I need to learn more about rigging a character because for this it did take a while to figure out how the controls work and how the model will stretch, which lead to starting from scratch a few times.


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