The final shot of our animation has a giant billboard that’s illuminated, I’m slightly excited about making this because I’ve really wanted to try making some Neon lights and this seems like the best opportunity to.


I’d already tried creating a neon sign before so I was using that same technique.  Though I added in some more pieces and tried to animate the intensity of the glow so it looks like it’s moving. Based of a load of Neon signs like this one below.

For building the main structure of the Billboard I wanted to have a big screen and lined with light bulbs taking inspiration from the Las Vegas sign.


I had to give more luminosity to the bulbs, because if I had one transparent sphere it wouldn’t stand out so I needed to have two sphere’s one inside the other with the outside on being more translucent. These colours are place holders since I’m not sure what our final colour scheme for it is going the be, it’ll be easy to change later, I also left a space because we’re not decided on whether we want to add a slogan as well.

Here’s a basic test of how it’ll work.


This is what the final Billboard ended up looking like. I think I’m going to look at adding in extra glow in after effects as it’d take less time than rendering out lights in Maya. The sign could be better formatted possibly but the colours Leanna has used work better together.


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