Freshly Squeezed

This is our animation, it seems like it’s taken forever to get it to this point but here we are. The last few days have been fixing textures and rendering a re-rendering where problems have been spotted, we should have done a thorough check before rendering really.

I brought all the frames together using After effects which I’m new to, so I’ve been quickly going through some basic tutorials on how to use it and how best to colour correct a video, our colours are nice but I don’t they came out as bright as they could have to make the character stand our more. I also tried to dim the brightness of the red lights as they were slightly too jarring, which was complicated and involved masks and tracking masks, which I’ve been told After effects isn’t great for but I must make do.

Michael put together our sounds and Jack designed our title and Leanna helped with getting the timing right, and I think we’re all pretty happy with the final outcome here, we know we need to fix some things already.

Feedback from Presentation

Over all I think it went pretty, they seemed happy with how we’d worked as a team.

Corrections for us to work on,

The first astronaut isn’t in the last shot when he was expected to be there.

Generally colours need to stand our more, Yuan mentioned that the characters should be more prominent than the background, which we could maybe also do with Lighting as well.

For lighting Conánn talked about using light-linking to attach a light singularly to the character so it doesn’t illuminate anything else which I think we can do.

There was some animation issues, just with how things were animated like the lander having more swivel and the characters being more weighted though I’m not sure how much of that we can edit before final hand in.

We also need to look at our Logo design as they felt the Uranus Juice didn’t read too well and since the other logo is based of CokaCola that it is the better looking logo.

In general we’re also going to change the terrain texture since it didn’t turn out how we liked and the colour of the stars in the background along with the Billboard at the end, I want it to pop more.




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