Life Drawing Reflection


Over the course of this year I have found life drawing to be an informative experience, it was an inquisitive exploration of drawing techniques and their applications. Certainly it’s good practice as an artist to work with real life models as it trains you to breakdown the human form more in a 2d image rather than a reference image which has already done that for you.

There is more than you’d expect to take in when breaking down a pose and it can be difficult to remember all of these aspects when you’re moving so quickly between poses, but the continuous classes over the year have really helped reinforce some of those basics techniques. It does become clear that a big key element is practising and research, there are so many different resources and methods that it can take a while to find a method that you can work with, the book resources like Burne Hogarth Dynamic Figure drawings and some of the breakdown anatomy handout have been a big help in understanding how to build and underlining drawing that informs how it can move. I think I could have pushed my explorations outside of class further which is more with managing time and having a structure to what I’ll practice drawing and how.

Having group critiques in class were useful to see how you were progressing and what it was in your drawings that you needed to pull up more, I feel I have a better understanding of form and using s and c curves, my composition needs more work in that the line of action or centre of gravity isn’t always clear or skewed but I tried bringing in more sweeping lines to inform arm and legs placements.

For my character creation I wanted to move away from a human but I used the build and shape of one of the models and then gave it more exaggeration. I designed a anthropomorphized bird person that’s character is adventurer/hero type, I took inspiration from games like Legend of Zelda and general fantasy, this character type I feel gives a lot more variety in drawings as it needs a lot of agility and can be placed in a variety of settings and situations. This means I can display a lot of the 12 principles of animation through action movements which is challenging with a bird person’s anatomy to find that right mix between human movement and bird movement.

Using this made my character quite cartoony which is easier to play around with details and function of limbs and expressions, giving a more flexible sense of movement without it becoming uncanny. I reapplied the method of breaking down into simple shapes after drawing out a rough movement, this really helped bring more consistency  and depth to my drawings.


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