Animation Strategies Walk Cycle

One of the first tasks of this semester is animating a walk cycle. To do this though we obviously need a character to animate. Alec has provided everyone in the class with a copy of the Jack and Jill rigs created by Joe Daniels, these are great looking characters with nice appeal and the rigs aren’t very hard to figure out and move quite fluidly. It may be worth purchasing the other rigs as well so I can practice more animation with a wider range of characters, but for now I’ll see how I can handle animating Jack and Jill.

(Rigs!, 2017)

On his blog Joe has more information about all the controls of his rigs,

For Thursday we just had to get used to posing the rigs

A standard action pose but it was good to practice creating tension in a character like they’re about to pounce.

A break dancing pose, I wanted to see if I could believably portray weight


Messing around a bit, a character in free fall preparing to land.

this pose was sort of awkward with the male model twisting in a difficult way, I’m not too sure what he was trying to do with his left arm, this is more a snapshot of action but I don’t think it quite has that flow, but it was very fun to place together.



Rigs!, N. (2017). New Rigs!. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Sep. 2017].


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