Module Reflection

The pace of these assignments is a lot faster than last year, I feel more capable to deal with the challenges whilst still feeling I could do so much more. My team seemed to jump straight into the modelling project which was great, once we had our idea and narrative down we quickly started making our assets. I enjoyed the Harem setting it’s not like anything I would have attempted before and it brought up a lot of opportunities to model a large variety of objects from pillows to lantern chandeliers. I feel as a team we all worked well in tandem with each other, bouncing around ideas and trying to solve the issue we were running into, there’s still so much I see that we can do with it if time weren’t a factor.

We also had the walk cycle and body mechanic, I’m quite interested in animating I had fun with it last year in our short animation and for me this assignment has been about learning how to create a good workflow, I found it easy to get lost in key frames and movements but towards the end I started to grasp more how to streamline what movements I was making and how to tweak the keyframes I had instead of adding more. I understand that I need to improve my process of creating so in the future I can add the extra detailing and finish things to own desired standards.


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