Walk Cycle and Body Mechanic

Jill Rig Character walk cycle

This is my walk cycle based of the end sequence of FlipFlappers.

Looking back I think it wasn’t as great as an idea to animate them walking forwards instead of in a single spot, it made it slightly more difficult to get some of the repeated movements. I think to the movement and timing worked out pretty well, I could have used some more exaggerated poses but I didn’t want to stretch the Rig so much, I think it would just end up looking uncanny. Though I do feel I could add more of  a bouncy swing to the movement if I had more time .

Jack Rig Body Mechanic-Sword Play

I broke this action down into four parts, the step back, the lunge, kick and pose at the end, this helped to concentrate one movement at rather than blocking out the entire motion because each came with a shift in the direction of movement and weight.

The diagonal movement cause some issues with figuring out how to place his feet and what direction their facing, I was finding that my Rig was twisting and distorting a lot once I looked at it from a different direction. I had to think about the arches of movement with the kick and how the rest of the body would act to counteract that, which I feel I’ve accomplished or he doesn’t look like he’s about to fall over at any point.

One thing looking back I would have done was change the rigs on the hands to IK instead of FK, the arm movement was mainly fast sweeping motions which I feel I could made them hit harder and stick better with an IK control. For this I simply constrained the sword onto the hand control.

Overall this project was really interesting, it could be a bit tedious at time watching the movements over and over trying to figure out what needed changed, though the end result is satisfying to see and I feel like I need to improve my workflow for animating better, but I feel I’ve a better understanding of how to work with key frames and when to place or remove inbetween’s.


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