Apartment block

To test out some lighting in unity I made this simple scene that I then painted over to give a better representation how how colours may work in the scene.

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The entire story is set within an abandoned/broken down apartment building, and as Ryan and Ruxandra have been working on modelling assets for the room I though I may give making the apartment building a go. I tried to research different apartment block plans, I could only find a few and they didn’t exactly have a layout that would suit the needs of the story, but it gave me the idea of placing the staircase in the centre to create a lobby and then two staircases at either end , so we can have long corridors. In making the side rooms, they are all empty and I only needed to make sure you could see through the opening of the door to the window on the other side, this layout is slightly different from the boys apartment.


Tests of lighting and camera shots from within the corridor/stairwell.

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The outside is quite plane, I could probably have some it broken away if I have time to work on it, I have some other models I want to work on and finish.

2018-03-21-1.png2018-03-21 (2)2018-03-21-3.pngwh


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