Magical Stones

This is an updated block out based on m new an improved concept.

house test

I have the house and the trees fully blocked out and now I’m starting to work on my magical stone that lay in front of the house.

These are soem fo the references I used, they’re called Hole’d stones and they appear at different sites around Ireland, I also looked at them to see what sort of design/ patterns were carved into them as I want to try recreating my own.

Photos Willi Adelung 2012

(1)                                                                             (2)

I took my basic stone shapes into Zbrush

2018-05-23 (10).png

I retoplogised and uv mapped it in Maya and was then able to figure out how to make normal maps by bringing it into substance painter and baking the maps there as well as texturing it. Unfortunately the seams are quite visible when I added the pattern as it runs straight down the middle, I tried different uvs but this version gave me the least distortion.


these the finished stones, which I really like. I could do more work in perfecting the pattern and moss, but I need to get onto texturing the rest of my models so this will work for now.

Whilst I’ve been developing my environment I haven’t been pleased with the ground plane, I don’t like how it a very definitive end of the scene, so after looking at the work of artist Anya Elvidge I’m going to be changing into a Diorama, so I’ve used the same workflow to create the ground/floating island.


2018-05-23 (11)









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