I was researching vehicles that I could possible model for the scene, whilst looking at photographs I saw that in a few of them there were motorbike/mopeds. 

Palmyra new town city Syria Syrian motorcycle young boy motorbike Stock Photo

A bomb shell that was recycled into a motorbike in Syria.Related imageA Free Syrian Army fighter rides a motorbike along a damaged street filled with debris in Deir al-Zor, Syria, yesterday. Photograph: Karam Jamal/Reuters

I thought this would be a useful asset to have in the background somewhere in the scene, either as part of wreckage or still functioning. I tried to find some models more specific to syria/eastern europe, there are a lot of older models and they can be similar in style, but this photograph was a good reference to work from.


When I’d finished modeling it, James showed us some ways that we could optimize our uv sets, by doing simple tricks like cutting a model in half and overlapping them if they are symmetrical, like the tires. Although I ended up with far too many textures and materials, but I found a way to use substance designer to merge my textures together that would make it far easier to apply.


I brought it all into substance painter which I haven’t used in quite a while, I watched a few of the tutorials made by algorithmic they’re really extensive and useful, I need to practice more with a PBR workflow and I found it difficult to create what would be a realistic build up of dust and dirt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I think it’s a good first attempt at modelling a vehicle.







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