Daughter Animatic

Since talking about the inclusion of the daughter I had in my head this scene and I wanted to try out. This wouldn’t be the complete animation but a glimpse of how we could possibly use her character. The ending isn’t as clear here but I wanted to get across both her bemusement at her dad’s efforts and also her commendation of them.


New Animatic with sound

Rose and I have been working on updating the animatic since the presentation, I still feel some of my drawings are a bit too rough for an animatic, but I’m slight;y worried we’re spending too much time on it.

Rose even started some 3d precis which is great and she collected most of the sounds, editing it together did take quite a bit of time, we just need to stay conscious of that.


The scene in the middle when he enters the room I now think could be reduced to perhaps one shot, I’d have to see how it works with a 3d camera, as it is it may by a too confusing/too many cuts. I know I drew the daughter speaking as well but actually I think the story is still conveyed without speech,which will save us lip-syncing time.

Fast Cut Editing

I don’t know an awful lot about how to create montages so I found this guide on some handy tips to keep in mind. It’s more orientated to artistic editing or advertising footage but it’s made us rethink what camera angles and shot we have, we’re also think that editing may become a large part of our animation so possibly we may need to render out the beginning early and started editing it.

Tips to keep in mind

  1. Pay attention to where the eyes of the viewer are.
  2. Have similar Colour palettes and exposures within the shots
  3. Use the beat of the music
  4. Create resemblances, with the types of objects and the flow of movement
  5. Match Camera or subject movement



Montage Scenes

We have been looking at a lot of montage videos, it’s been really useful to see the shots that are used and even what sort of equipment the characters are arming themselves with, not that our character would have guns and rocket launchers but I feel if it’s similar objects it would more easily suggest to the audience that it is a type of weapon.

I remembered about this old teaser for the Incredibles film, it’s interesting how they give you the history of the character with the news clippings, I also love how they introduced humor.


Possible items to be equipped that we’ve come up with so far.

  • Oven mittsScan_20171126 (6)
  • Garden gloves
  • Apron
  • Big square brush
  • Rolling Pin
  • Rolled Newspaper
  • Flyswatter
  • Underpants over trousers
  • Fanny Pack
  • Bug spray
  • Kneepads / Shoulder Pads
  • Ski Mask / Sanding Mask
  • Handheld Hoover in a Holster
  • Electric Drill


Rough Storyboard

We kinda have a basic idea of what our story is so onto Storyboarding!

I wanted to quickly draw out the structure of our story and messed about with it on imovie, I wanted to see it could be coherently told within the time frame or what sort changes we might need to make to it.

I made some slight story changes, the beginning is quite clear with what happens though once it gets to the confrontation with the spider, it’s not so clear what movement we should have. I think it something better planned out in 3d previs.

how it comes across within 40 seconds


The Daughter idea

Sarah brought up the idea that our character could have a daughter. This would be giving our character motive for facing off with the spider, perhaps it’s in the daughter bedroom and she’s also scared of spiders. Another possibility could be that the daughter actually really likes bugs (the spider could be her escaped pet) and she’s the one that saves the dad from the spider instead.

Some design done by Sarah

and some design done by Rose

I do like the inclusion of the daughter but given the time frame we have to work with I’m not so sure it’d work to introduce her into it. We’re going to draw out some more concepts and think of some storyboards, see what we can make.

Early Concepts

I did some sketches of what our character might look like, I think we’re going for a bigger build of a character. We we’re going to give him a protection mask but maybe that detracts too much from the emotion of the character.

We have a clear idea of there being a gear up scene, like in a lot of action movies. This is a very quick way of ramping up the tension. We’re going to look at some movie influences and see if we can breakdown how they’re done effectively.

Also some cute designs for our spider, I’m not sure yet how big of a character it’s going to be, considering the size difference maybe we won’t be able to see the spider so closely.

Scan_20171126Scan_20171126 (2)Scan_20171126 (3)

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