Mushroom World Animatic

This is our teams finished animatic.

We used sounds from though we couldn’t get some of the sounds for the creatures talking so Bradley and me used my phone to record ourselves and used that instead.

We edited it together using photoshop, which I’ve never done before but we figured it out pretty easy to work with and we just need to work on the timing. I liked how it turned out, the timing works well for comedic effect and you can follow the story well. There are points where I believe we could of used some more frames to give it more flow.


Linearts for animatic

I worked on going over the backgrounds making the linearts, it was difficult doing the control panel in the tower, it had a lot of elements to it and I had to also try and get the perspective right as the panel curves. I googled some control panels just to get ideas for what sort of buttons and stuff to use.

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Bradley drew the moving parts for the animatic and Nuala worked on doing some amazing colouring. Unfortunately we were running out of time to get the animatic finished, so instead of doing it fully in colour we changed it to only doing tonal.

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To get the animatic finished I helped out by doing the tonal for the above backgrounds and drawing some other mushroom creatures that we were going to use.

I do wish we had enough time to do it fully in colour, but I think that the tonal worked really well and since our animatic focuses more on a story and it’s characters having the less colour means that it’s easier to focus on them rather than the world around it.


I drew out a clearer story board but there’s still some changes that we want to make to it, but we have it all down so we can start working on the backgrounds we’ll need.

As a team we worked on these backgrounds, we drew them out on paper then Bradley put them into Photoshop files at the right aspect ratio, so we now all have copies we can work on.

Story boarding Ideas

Started out working on some quick ideas of what could happen in our animatic, trying to think of some ideas for why the tower would fall over.


Here I have one mushroom man chopping down mushroom trees and then accidentally cutting off the leg to a mushroom tower.20161124_220700

This was just a quick other idea of a mushroom man messing around with the little light spores in the world and getting chased off.


I then went back to the idea of using the magic mushrooms, where the driver of our mushroom tower takes a snake from his friend without realising they’re magic, so once he starts tripping the mushroom tower goes out of control and stumbles over.

I showed this one to my teammates and they liked it, so I think it’s going to be the basis of our story, we still need to work out a more definite version of it.

Making an Animatic

Week 5!

I’ve changed to a different world, “Mushroom World”. Our goal for this week is to make an Animatic, it’s going to be interesting trying to get it done in a week.

The Animatic has to be 30 secs long with colour and sound, done at 24 fps an a ratio of 16:9.

Quickly brainstorming ideas Bradley mentioned about maybe having one of the large mushroom towers falling over and having mushroom guys having to jump out of it. There’s also the idea of magic mushrooms that’s been brought up before for this world so we could possibly use as the reason the tower falls over, which I think would be pretty funny.


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