Imaging and Data Visualisation Reflection

I knew nothing about Maya coming into this year and I’m still astounded by how much I’ve learnt so far and partially overwhelmed by how much there is still out there to learn. This module gave us our first real challenge in Maya to build our floating cities, as the only real way to learn Maya is through application and keeping on that learning curve from the problems you encounter. It gave me a sense of accomplishment when we finally finished it even knowing there’s more I would do with it, although with getting to grips with Maya, learning what I needed and adjusting to that workflow I didn’t explore as much how we could have displayed the data in that project but here at the end of the year I feel like I’ve a better bases knowledge that I can now pull from.

This module was really self driven, the tutorials from class were really just the tip of an iceberg  of what you can do and a lot of this module has been researching and watching tutorials, looking at others work in class and asking about techniques.

The head modelling project has been fun, sculpting in mudbox feels more artistic than technical and I’ve enjoyed playing around with it, again it’s all about experimentation and looking at others workflows that help influence your own. The retopologizing is more complicated and possibly I won’t fully understand the difference between good topology and bad topology until I try animating it, because it is learning from your mistakes that brings you forward.


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