Lady in the Van Schematic

This is our finished Schematic, it’s quite long as the movie has a pretty linear set of events based around the interactions of Alan Bennett and Miss Shepherd.

Our tertiary characters we’re mainly neighbours and a couple of one off character’s but they never really had much purpose in the story apart from observations and exposition on the main character’s. For example Mr Bennett discovers that Miss Shepherd had driven ambulances in the war and used to be a nun from Mrs Vaughan Williams who had learnt the “lady in the vans” name in the previous scene.

Our colour scheme is based of the colours from the movie’s graphic design, using the yellow and teal we expanded with light pastel colours to make it bright and airy like the film. We used pictures of the characters so they would be easily identifiable .



Lady in the Van Schematic & Artefact

We had our Vogler Presentation which I felt went well I’m not entirely sure If I was speaking too fast. Though I think maybe we should have put more text on our slides, we designed it more like a Pecha Kucha rather than a Presentation.

We’re keeping with the same teams and have been given a film to watch, “The Lady in the Van” then we have to create a schematic representation of the film, an artefact and a Pecha Kucha presentation of our work.

In 1989 he wrote the book “The Lady in the Van” which was based off real life events, where a woman Miss Shepard lives inside her van outside of Alan Bennett’s house for 15 years. In 1999 it was adapted into a stage play and then in 2009 was adapted for Radio 4 and finally a film in 2015. In all of these renditions Maggie Smith has played the role of Miss Shepard.

It’s slightly difficult to map out the schematic as the film isn’t action heavy or there isn’t a lot of events of great consequence, it’s very dialogue heavy and slow paced focusing in on the writers/Alan’s perception of events. So we’re trying to balance what is physically happening with what is happening in dialogue or emotional wise.

We have to create an artefact based of the Lady in the Van, which Michael told us it’s not be something completely obvious like the mask from The Mask, it’d be too easy and not very creative.

The Oxford Dictionary defines an Artefact as: An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.

To put this in a film context I think would mean an object that has does have relevance to the story but not an obvious necessary element, its significance to the plot could be purposeful or accidental. Like the canoe from Moana rather than the obvious necklace.

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