Final selection of Photographs




Depth of Field



Final Selection

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For the rest of my photographs I have them stored at  my Flickr: magpieartx


Photography project

About a week or so ago we were given a Photography Project which consisted of taking 600 photographs that falls into 6 different categories: Perspective, Colour, Texture, Depth of field, Tonality, Scale.

So breaking that down that’s 100 photographs per class, or well between 75-100, with no overlapping photographs in the categories.

I didn’t have any particular plan going into the project, I just took my camera and started walking around town taking photos of anything whilst trying to keep in mind the categories. It was difficult trying to keep in mind that I’m not just looking for something that makes a nice photograph, but what truly represents the categories. It was also tough trying to fill the quota of 600 photographs and what exactly do I take a photograph of?

To try and help get some inspiration I looked at two local photographers,

I found their work refreshing, seeing how they’ve worked aspects of scale and perspective into their photographs gave me new ideas on how I should start looking at what’s around me.

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